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Twan Green is a Pittsburgh artist with Atlanta roots, who brings his Southern flair to Rap and R&B.   Twan is a creative animated character that loves all forms of art.  Twan has been making music since the age of 14.  He recalls beating on his chest making beats and free-styling with his homie Riva, “wit a A no E R.”  This is when he found his love for music, and soon dropped out of high school to pursue his music career.  Twan grew up listening to Usher, Michael Jackson, Jodeci, Lil Wayne, and Drake.  These artists have helped him create his sound.  This sound is unique and pulls soul and bounce  from his Atlanta upbringing, and the grit and passion from his later years in Pittsburgh.  Twan ended up in Pittsburgh when he decided to take a flight with his grandmother to where his mother was raised.  There he was embraced with open arms, and that’s when his music career took off.


With this Album Twan wanted to feature his “hybrid” music style.  Twan says it is R&B heavy because he’s a 90s baby when R&B was at its peak.   This album will be his first Major release.  It is the second release under Ball Out Productions.  His previous releases were under OMU Entertainment/LW.


Twan Green is ready to show the world his artistry.  With his blue collar work ethic he plans to be here to stay.


Twan’s favorite quote, “I swear shit just started clicking dog.  You know it’s real when you are who you think you are.”

“This is, and will be my best work”. - Twan Green


“Twan has star qualities, his process to making a song, and how lyrics seem to just come to him is like an artist with a canvas.” - JT (Twan’s Manager/Producer and CEO of Ball Out Productions)


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